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      Important information to know about Houston Brain Express

There are no contracts but, we require a 30 day notice if you plan to end your sessions.

We have limited amount of spaces therefore we can only allow one makeup per month provided the cancellation is at  least 48 hours before your absence.

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All sessions are an hour long. You must sign up for 4 sessions (1 month) minimum. 

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Bonus Math & Test Prep

We're excited to offer our registered students a bonus opportunity to learn and grow their Testing and Math skills. 

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We do offer occasional tutoring which is a one or two-time tutoring session. It would be on an individual basis based on our staff's availability. Please call for pricing.

We strongly recommend small group lessons twice a week in our Quad-Pod or Tri-Pod. This is the most affordable and allows students to learn from other students questions.

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